Lets Visit The Workshop
A tidy workshop is a efficient workshopÉummm. A busy workshop is a messy workshopÉummm. I like to tiptoe the fine line between these two statements depending on how busy I am (very, normally) and how efficient I am (I consider myself an effective and focused worker).
Anyway lets meet the machines that make my making possible.
Saw: My favourite machine in the workshop. This Wadkin PP dimension saw, built in the early 70Õs was made to last. A beautiful precision machine that can also cope with the thicker sizes of hardwoods that I like to work with. Beauty and the beast rolled into one. If only Wadkin could be a little more helpful about supplying spares.
Planer thicknesser: This Italian made planer and thicknesser is a sturdy workhorse pulling through large baulks of timber with ease. Although it does need constant adjustment to keep it planning true.
Mortiser: The mortising machine, a tool that drills square holes. A great time saver what a wonderful invention.
Belt sander: This 8ft sliding bed belt sander is the only way to get a good finish on a large table top. The final sand is a crucial stage in revealing the grain to its maximum effect. The finer the finish the greater the depth of grain.
Band saw: A Startrite 301. Not a powerful machine but when set up correctly a very accurate and satisfying tool for curved work and working on small pieces of wood.
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