Lets Talk About Wood
I have been working with wood for sometime now. Initially as a tree surgeon, learning to appreciate the beauty of trees and the strengths and weaknesses of green (live) timber and later training as a carpenter and joiner discovering the structural properties and flexibility of kiln dried softwoods. Finally serving an apprenticeship with the furniture design and manufacture company “Design for Life” I honed my woodworking skills and realised the joy of working with quality hard woods.

This background has instilled in me a love of the material in which I work. The beauty of wood goes beyond the many different attractive grain patterns and textures or the range colours of different species and gradual change of hues from heart to sapwood. Timber, if responsibly grown and harvested, is a truly renewable and sustainable resource that, unlike the production of almost all other construction materials, actually benefits the environment in which it is produced (where would the world be without Trees?). However there is, unfortunately, a large amount of irresponsible timber harvesting, depleting the worlds great forests. For this reason I avoid using tropical hardwoods and wherever possible use timbers with Forestry Stewardship Council accreditation which should ensure sustainable resourced wood. Much of my timber comes from Europe or North America, although I am never happier than when working with British or even Sussex grown wood.
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